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"Who is a part of this thing? Who are you? Where am I? Is this a Joke?"

Here is some information on the Church of Chihita and the purpose of this sub-site.

The Priest

Oliver Daddy (moaning emoji)

Our wonderful Priest, Oliver!! They not only created and provided this self portrait but they also helped me with a couple of stuff I was stuck on while making the site

They're @entomoth on instagram btw!


Sansmaeda mpreg

This image, created by @paku.piranha, is a true masterpiece. Some may say it's a monstrosity, but it is not. They are completely and utterly wrong. Sansmaeda is not just a crackship, It's a lot more than that. It's a spiritual identity. A projection.

So, Why?

First off, yes this is a joke. It's not meant to portray or reference any practices of any real religion. It's also not meant to offend at all. So don't take it too seriously.