Gummy Bears and... Madness?

Seeing as the gummy bears were harmless, (Y/N) popped open the lid of the jar the gummy bears were imprisoned in, and ate them all in one large gulp. On their way out from the nurse’s office, they spotted a plate of brownies on a desk. Common sense and suspiscion thrown out the window, they picked up three brownies as a snack. As (Y/N) was making their way back to their homeroom, their vision started to get blurry. Thinking this was out of hunger, (Y/N) downed all of the three brownies they grabbed. But this was their first mistake. Before they knew it, (Y/N) was tripping out with rainbows flooding their vision and unknown voices whispering in their ears.

(Y/N) was making their way down the hallway back to their homeroom. They made it there successfully, and sat down at their desk, calmly. The teacher was giving a lecture, but all (Y/N) could process with their tiny, drugged brain was “Wah wah WAAAH wat WAT WAT…(Y/N)....WAH WHA closet?” (Y/N) perked up and the teacher was looking right at them, her eyes looking all googly eyed and her skin changing colors.

“Yea…………...sure.” They stood up and headed out of the classroom to the supply closet. They sauntered down the hall, occasionally tripping over things that didn’t exist. When they made it to the supply closet, their vision straightened out, and they stopped hearing voices.

“That's odd,” They thought, “Well, let’s go get whatever the teacher wanted.” They grabbed onto the handles of the closet door and opened it, stepped inside, and had the doors slam behind them, trapping them in verdant black darkness. “Aw shit,” They muttered. Below them, the floor began to vibrate and crumble. “What in the everlasting freaky deaky?” The ground cracked open and (y/n) was floating through open air in pitch black darkness.

“Oh my god is this an isekai?” They shouted as they floated through the air, their clothes changing into a blue and purple striped sweater and brown pants. (Y/n) was tumbling through the air when they saw the ground approaching fast. “kYAAAAAAAA~~” They screamed. “I’m plummeting to my death!!” The ground was approaching fast, the wind rushing past their ears and ruffling their hair. (Y/n) tried to move their body to brace for impact, but couldn’t. “Someone please help!!!” The ground was getting closer and closer. (Y/N)’s heart was pounding! “This is it, this is the end, goodbye world!” shouted with one last cry and closed their eyes. Until, they felt cold, bony hands grab onto them.

“It’s alright kiddo,” A deep voice whispered into their ear. “I gotcha, you are safe now.” (Y/N) Peeled their eyes open to look into dark, black sockets of a skull. All of a sudden, a breeze wooshed by and cherry blossom petals swirled around them. (Y/N)’s eyes sparkled. “T-thank you….” They said. The unknown person gently placed them down and (Y/N) stood up. They were face to face with a skeleto dressed in a blue hoodie and black shorts with pink slippers on.

“The name is sans,” He said and stretched a bony hand out.

“(Y/N).....” (Y/N) said, shaking it.

Sans’ hand farted

“Haha, fart hand!” Sans laughed and (Y/N) chuckled as well. “Anyways, ya lost kid?”

(Y/N) nodded.

“You can stay with me and my brother for now, we got plenty of room,” He said. “Follow me.” (Y/N) followed this new boney friend to his humble abode in a snowy town. “Welcome to snowdin.” He said, pulling his pants down and revealing his 8 inch boney, calcium cock. He then stuck it in the doorknob and then unlocked the house.

(A/N) - (Oh lawd i added the dick dorknob part but evem added the rest this was not planned it just happened)

(Y/N) blushed, impressed by this feat but wondered how a skeleton could have had a penis.

Sans winked and moved his face as to motion a raised eyebrow. “My bro can’t do that, so we have to give him a key,” He explained while entering the house and motioned for (Y/N) to follow.

They entered the cozy little home. Inside, it was lined with cyan and violet zigzag carpet.The living room had a bright green couch facing a widescreen TV. There was an opening to the right of the Tv to where the kitchen was and to the left was stairs that lead to a loft upstairs. There was commotion in the kitchen, crashing plates and clattering pots and pans. “That’s my brother, he loves to cook and is making dinner right now for us,” Sans said

“Now I’m gonna go up to my room some stuff. Ya can join me if you want or you could sit down on the couch and watch TV. Pap will tell us when dinner is ready and then we can chow down!” Sans explained.

Uh Oh!


Another Decision!

What will you do?