Take me Home


(Y/N) wasn’t feeling so good that day. Their head was pounding, and using commonse sense unlike in the rest of this story, and they decided to go to the nurse. Now you can’t just waltz out of a classroom without being ridiculed and facing awkward public humiliation, so they were a good student and raised their hand to ask. Their sweet and generous Teacher granted them permission to leave, and they headed down to the Nurse's office. However, the nurse wasn’t in yet, so (Y/N) did the unthinkable, and decided to look in the drug cabinet. The nurse did a super shitty job and didn’t label any of the medicine jars, unlike a normal medical professional with a degree in medicine would do. One jar contained blue, diamond shaped pills. The other contained enticing white capsules, and the final jar contained what looked like gummy bears.

What will you do?