The No No Square


(Y/N) followed Sans upstairs to his room. It was messy as shit, but it was ok. Sans sat down on his bed and (Y/N) sat next to him. Immediately, sans made a move and tackled (y/n), pinning them down by their arms.

“Humans have 206 bones in their body, wanna make it 207?” he said.

(Y/N) looked at sans and blushed. “Uh…………………………………...sure…” Sans reaches for his sweatshirt and unzips it slowly and then UN bottoms (y/n)’s sweater, revealing their chest. Sans placed a cold, bony hand on it and (Y/N) shivered since it was so fucking cold. He rubbed (y/n)’s chest.

“Your skin is so pale and a ripe peach” He placed his head down on top of (y/n)’s chest and kissed it. He continued kissing all around (y/n)’s body, leaving marks all over it. Then, he worked his way down to his pants and pulled them off, revealing his 8 inch solid calcium dick. (Y/N)’s face turned red and they smiled, reaching down and pulled their pants off then opened their legs.

“I’ll go easy on ya, alright?”

“You don’t have to….” (y/n) said, flirtatiously.

“If you say so…” Sans began to push inside of (y/n)’s body, his bony hips grinding against theirs. (Y/n) gripped the sheets and bit their lips, it hurt but it felt so good. Sans kept pushing, “I’m not quite all the way in…”

“A-aaa…” (y/n) began to moan. Sans kept pushing inwards and (y/n)’s face turned bright red. “I-it’s In…” they said, softly. Sans began to move back and forth, slowly at first and (y/n) moaned out of pleasure in response.

“F-Faster….!” They moaned, gripping the sheets. Sans began to speed up, pushing harder and harder, and began to break a sweat. Sans kept moving deeper with each thrust, and pleasure coursed through (y/n)’s body. “A-ack….” they moaned again.

“I-I think I’m gonna...come…” Sans groaned, and kept moving back and forth against their hips.

“Don’t stop oh yes~” (y/n) moaned louder. The bed was squeaking and the room was shaking. Megalovania began to play. Sans groaned and it happened. Out of the bone that was his penis, a blue sticky and thick liquid squirted out inside of (y/n).

“I-it’s so warm, o-oh OOOOHHHH!”

Sans was sweating and (y/n) was absolutely flustered. They had reached climax pleasure!! Things began to wind down and sans pulled out and laid next to (y/n).

“Sans...that was amazing….” They said, face still red. Sans blushed a blue hue.

“I-I enjoyed it too…” he said.

The bed had moved a few inches away from the wall, that’s how intense it was. “SAAAAAAAAANS!” A voice shouted from downstairs. “DINNER IS READY!” “Oh shit, did papyrus hear us?!” (Y/n) gasped, and held a hand to their mouth. “Nah, when he’s cooking he’s way too focused to hear anything.” Sans replies and began to put his clothing back on. The two dressed up and headed downstairs together.

(A/N) I hated writing this I regret it so much. Tuna i want to end myself

I am done fucking