TEE VEE and dinner.

(Y/N) sat down on the bright green couch and turned the tv on. However, it seems that the only show running was an anime called Mew Mew Kissy Cutie. You could hear sans moaning and jerking off through all the anime waifu blabber. They watched this weeaboo crack shit for about ten minutes until Papyrus shouted into the house that dinner was ready. Sans ascended from the stairs and met you.

Papyrus had made spaghetti. Just spaghetti and nothing else. The three sat down on the couch, as they didn’t have a table to eat at. “Sorry Kiddo, we don’t have a table” Sans said and ate ketchup directly from the bottle, barely touching his spaghetti. (Y/N) slowly consumed their spaghetti. It tasted alright, somewhat bland but it was food and they felt they haven’t eaten in days. “Well, do you like it?” Papyrus stared at (y/n) his empty sockets somehow sparkling.

(Y/N) nodded slowly, but this was enough to make Papyrus get excited.

“Oh yes thank you so much sans’ friend!!” He hugged (y/n) and then proceeded to slurp back the rest of his spaghetti. “Anyways, sans, I gotta ask you something….” (y/n) said, placing their plate down.

“Yeah kiddo?” He replied.

“I- I don’t know how I got here...I just fell from the sky you see...and I want to make it home…”

“Well kiddo….”

The room turned pitch black and a spotlight shined on sans. He stood up, and placed his hands in his pockets. Some mysterious music played and sans eye lit up blue.

“Kiddo, despite my stupid appearnce, I’m very intelligent. We are in this universe called Tenretni..or something. Here is just a pocket dimension part of it, and there are multiple. Now we can’t travel in between each dimension...But kiddo, something tells me you can. And if my theory is correct, you can bring people with you.” He explained.

This sounds like pure bullshit. (Y/n) thought but ok.

“Ok,” They replied.

“There’s a portal that can be used to transport one to another dimension, rumored to be in the King’s castle but it’s quite a journey. But we don’t need exposition, let's get right to the point so we can end this chapter,” Sans said and winked at you reading this. ;) “What?” (Y/n) asked.

“Nothin,” He replied.

The room lightened up again and it seemed like nothing ever happened. Papyrus didn’t question it and it was almost like time froze. “Pap, we’re gonna head out on a ...little adventure.” Sans told his brother. Papyrus immediately stood up. “I shall pack my amazing spaghetti for the journey!” He pointed his finger and headed into the kitchen, where he sloppily packed spaghetti into tupperware.

“Here you go, (y/n)!” Papyrus handed them the tupperware of spaghetti. Wow it looks like shit. They thought but took it anyways. “Thank you……………………..papyrus.” They said with a fake smile, and Papyrus beamed. “Alright, (y/n), it’s time to go.” Sans said and started to leave the house. (Y/n) shook Papyrus’ hand and thanked him for the meal, then followed Sans out the door.

The two stepped outside and into the snow that had freshly fallen on the ground. It would crunch under their feet when they walked on it. Sans began to walk forward and (y/n) followed. They continued to march on in the snow until they heard weird sucking noises coming from in between two houses. Curious, (y/n) peeped around the corner to see a sexy robot and a large busted royal guard with fluffy purple hair engaging in oral sex. Both had large floating letters above their head. The guard sucking on the robot’s dick was called “HOT GUARD” and the robot getting head was called “METTATON.” Upon hearing the crunch of footsteps, HOT GUARD stopped sucking METTATON’s metallic pipe dick and took her mouth off it. It looked two feet long and could retract. How did that fit down her throat? (Y/n) wondered.

“Wanna try it?” METTATON asked, looking over.

“...I’m all set.” (Y/N) replied.


METTATON and HOT GUARD re-engaged in oral sex. (A/N) hated this too

Sans and (Y/N) walked away, hoping to not see that again but (y/n) had a hunch that they would see them again in the future. Sans grabbed onto (y/n)’s hand.

“Ok kiddo I’m gonna speed the plot up so we can get to the point.” Sans said.

“I don’t understand what you are saying!” (Y/n) shouted and a white light flashed.

They were teleported to a castle and there was a huge goat furry sitting on the throne.

“Oh shit a human being,” The goat king said and whipped out a giant minecraft trident. “I’m gonna suck your soul.” (Y/n)’s body beeped a few times and music started up. All of a sudden, Kanye West appeared and started singing along, repeating “fingers in his ass” The goat king blew up and died, dropping an iron ingot and a piece of flint.

“Oh yeah kiddo you did it,” Sans clapped slowly. “Portal room is this way,”

Before Sans advanced to the next room, Kanye West floated down to him, and cupped his cheeks.

“Sans ...not all is what it seems….” He said. “You will discover someone and the two of you will create a new era…” He then began to float away and disappear.

“W-what do you mean?!” Sans shouted and reached up towards Kanye West, but Kanye just put a finger up to smiling mocha lips, eyes sparkling with a few tears, then disappeared.

Sans fell down to his knees and kept his arm stretched into the air above.

“Sans, are you alright?” (Y/n) asked.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” Sans stood up and brushed himself off. “Let’s go.”

They entered the portal room and the portal was nothing much but a circle of stones. In the corner, there was a crafting table and (y/n) made flint and steel from the rewards that the goat king dropped when he died. They struck them together by the stone circle and it lit up, making spooky noises and emitting particles.

“Before we go in kid,” Sans said “Let’s smoke this blunt.”

He handed them a giant piece of weed and lit it up. (Y/n) smoked on it and their eyes turned red. Then, they both jumped through the portal, high as shit.